Hot and Ready

Hot and Ready
Posted on March 27, 2017 . 0 Comment

I-ROD is a producer with an eclectic taste and a particular love for electronic music. His recent release is an EP titled “Hot and Ready”. The title of this release aptly describes the vibrant, punchy and sensual attitude of this music, as these tracks seamlessly evolve in a very dynamic and forward-thinking way. For example, the opening number (the title track itself) starts off with beautifully filtered beats in order to embody some amazing old school vibes through its pace and melodic backdrop. Second track, “Faithful” kicks it up a notch with its steady beat and explosive groove, shining a light on I-ROD’s unique blend of creativity and vision. Again, “Neon Days” further reinforces the amazing vision within this particular album, making for a truly amazing finale to a compact, but diverse and engaging EP.

Album Or Artist Songs

  • 1 Neon Days
  • 2 Faithful
  • 3 Hot and Ready